Postponed is not canceled

Best Tattoo Artist, best Dealers and best Visitors of the Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar,

due the current situation and an unpredictable development for the upcoming months there will unfortunately be no Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar 2020.

After a long time of thoughts and discussions we currently get no usable and informative information from the authorities regarding the additional measures (minimum distance, additional hygienic measures, limited people quantity in the location, entry and regulations of abroad Tattoo Artists, and much more) to organize and implement the Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar 2020.

As all participating Tattoo Artists, Dealers, Exhibitors and Visitors of the last years know, we always do our best to offer everybody of you an extraordinary Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar but due the current and uncertain situation of the upcoming months and we are unable to see to offer you a familiar Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar this year.

But postponed is not canceled and we are looking forward to welcome you from the 5th till 7th of November 2021 at the next unique, unusual and above all relaxed Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar.

Your Tattoo Circus Rhine-Neckar Team !


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